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Planet Generator (Work in Progress)

This is a test build of a procedural full planet generator I am working on.
It creates a 3d mesh at runtime with different LOD's (Level of Detail).
Furthermore it disables parts of the planet that are facing away from the player
for better performance.

The entire project is an experiment where I simply try out what may and may not work.

1) Custom surface shader. The terrain need to take on different colors depending on
steepness, altitude, environment and more. For this I need to write a custom shader.

2) Proper terrain. Currently the terrain is nothing but pure Perlin noise. Eventually
I will guide the randomness into realistic looking terrain with cliffs, hills,
oceans/continents etc.

3) Once I have randomly generated planets I will code a game that takes place on and
between these. I'm planning a 4-8 player coop, sci-fi, survival game in the style of
style of Alien Swarm but including ressource gathering, base building and various
monsters to fight.

2013 - Kasper Kloosterman Jensen